Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PDS (professional development school)?

  • a collaboration between the university and public school communities
  • focused on empowering stakeholders to improve teaching and learning for all
  • student achievement increased through joint identification of specific and common goals
  • invention of a new institution


Why a PDS?

  • PDSs are places that promote high quality education for all children and for teachers at all levels: pre-service, in-service, and higher education faculty
  • support "simultaneous renewal" efforts
  • create "learning organizations" which become sites for research and inquiry into teaching and learning
  • integrate technology to support and enhance learning
  • Provides opportunities to bring all stakeholders together to meet the challenges of improving student performance


What a PDS is not!

  • merely a place to train student teachers
  • a "lab school" managed by the university
  • "business as usual"


What are some direct benefits of being a PDS?

  • Communications - shared discussions to better prepare teacher candidates in training.
  • Cooperating Teacher training for teachers to help teacher candidates
  • Targeted professional development activities for K-12 and CLU Faculty
  • Simultaneous professional development renewal through the mentoring of student teachers
  • Development of leadership skills through the creation of a collaborative professional learning community
  • Tutoring activities for K-12 students
  • Curriculum review and revision
  • Assistance with technology intervention
  • Additional human resources in the classroom through student teaching and undergraduate internship programs
  • CLU Faculty available for additional support and professional development