All PLTS Faculty

Julián González, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Southern Methodist University 2015

Shauna K. Hannan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Homiletics
Princeton Theological Seminary 2011

Carol Jacobson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Practical Theology; Diaconal Ministry Program Director
Constructive Theology, Religious Education, Congregational Studies, Youth and Family Ministries

Luis Menendez-Antuna, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of New Testament
Vanderbilt University 2016

Cynthia Diane Moe-Lobeda, Ph.D.

Professor of Theological and Social Ethics
Union Theological Seminary 2001
Theological/social ethics. Ecological ethics. Intersections of economic justice, racial justice, and climate justice. Public theology, moral agency, liberationist and eco-feminist ethics.

Moses Paul Peter Penumaka, Th.D.

Director, Theological Education for Emerging Ministries [TEEM]
Theology and Religion, esepcially Asian and Oceania regions. Theolgy and Christolgy from the margins. Expert in providing theoloigcal education for multicultural leadership in ELCA.

Kirsi I. Stjerna, Ph.D.

First Lutheran, Los Angeles/Southwest California Synod Professor of Lutheran History and Theology
Boston University 1995
Luther's theology and the Reformations; Lutheran theology and spirituality, sources and hermeneutics; Luther and the Jews; Women in Christianity and the Reformations; Gender perspectives and reading Christian sources.

Alicia Vargas, Ph.D.

Dean of PLTS; Associate Professor of Multicultural and Contextual Studies

Leslie Veen, D.Min.

Director of Contextual Education

Christopher Evans, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Formation

Katia Moles

Instructor of Research and Writing

Walter Gary Pence, Ph.D.

Instructor of Biblical Greek; Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Theology

Ted Peters, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor of Systematic Theology

Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct of Liturgical and Theological Studies
Graduate Theological Union 2015
Liturgy and worship, healing, ritual, Lutheranism, Christology, online education

Mary Stein-Webber, M.Div., M.S., MFT

Instructor of Pastoral Care and Leadership
Congregational Ministry and the psycho dynamics of individuals and families.

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