Scott Chien-Hsiung Chiu

Scott Chien-Hsiung Chiu, Ph.D.

Writing Center Director and Associate Professor of English
240 HUM

Office Hours: Monday 1-3 PM; Wednesday 1-3 PM

Scott C. Chiu is Director of the Writing Center and Associate Professor of English at California Lutheran University. He leads the planning and implementation of the Writing Center programs, which emphasize multiliteracy practices, translingual writing, international writing, community writing, and research on writing center pedagogies. He teaches First-Year Writing, Writing Center Theory and Practice, Language & Linguistics, and Introduction to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). His current research focuses on L1/L2 writing transfer, Translingual pedagogies, Writing Center Studies, and Community Literacies.

Scott also volunteers Thousand Oaks Chinese School and is an advocate for Taiwanese/Chinese culture and education in the local community.

Ph.D. Michigan State University

M.A. Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan 輔大語言所  

Writing Center Studies

Second Language Studies

Writing Transfer

L2 Writing & multilingualism

Applied Linguistics


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