Claudio  Perez-Korinko

Claudio Perez-Korinko, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Over 20 years of experience transforming consumer intelligence into actionable insights in the U.S. Latino, Latin America, Europe and Asia for Fortune 100 to medium-sized companies.

Started professional career working for Fortune 100 companies in strategic Hispanic marketing, Latin American marketing and global marketing. Directed international marketing departments with responsibilities in marketing research, strategy and advertising for 10 years.

After working for 12 years on the corporate side, Mr. Perez-Korinko founded in 2001 IM Insights Latino, a marketing   research boutique providing ethnographic, qualitative, quantitative and semiotic services for U.S. brands expanding their offerings to the U.S. Latino and Latin American marketplace.

Having spent some time in Kansas City, MO; in addition to leading IM in the marketplace, Mr. Perez-Korinko taught principles of marketing, international marketing and international management as an adjunct instructor in the BBA and MBA program at Avila University and Baker University.



Bachelor of Arts, Baker University

Master of Science in Management, Baker University



A visionary and innovator in the development and execution of unconventional research methodologies to gain access to customers and consumers in real life situations in the global-multicultural landscape.

President and founder of IM Insights Latino, an innovative research boutique providing ethnographic, qualitative, quantitative research and semiotic analyses for brands building relationships with U.S. Latino and Latin American consumers. 

Broad experience designing and executing non-traditional research projects in private and public settings including and not limited to observed product usage, contextual usability, cultural studies, day-in-the-life, shop-along, mystery shopping, location intercepts, IDIs, moderating focus groups and analytics.

Met corporate clients’ objectives by conducting projects on consumer needs assessments, product ideation, product naming, concept testing, pricing, cultural advertising, cultural message testing, brand analysis, customer segmentation, competitive assessment, retail navigation, cultural shoppers’ behavior, cultural consumer studies and product usability.

Public speaker, published article author, speaks the language of global culture intelligence as well as English and Spanish and expert on Latin American cultures, U.S. Latino sub-culture, and U.S. culture.

Founder and owner of Cultural Branding, a LinkedIn group gathering marketing practitioners and academia together to share concepts, techniques and forward-thinking ideas to innovate in the field of cultural consumer insights and branding.




Published article author and poster through several professional online marketing platforms, including and not limited to EzineArticles, La-Portada, Pulse on LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s groups including AMA Los Angeles, Consumer Insights, Insights Innovation, Consumer Insights Alumni, International Market Research Society, Cultural Branding, L.A. Planners, Hispanic Social Media, Future Trends and IM’s website.

Recent Articles

  • Cultural Doer, The “Doing” and “Following”
  • Shopper Behavior or Customer Attitude
  • Use “Cultura” to Build Brand
  • Why Small and Big Data Coexist?
  • 4 Rituals for Moving Personal Cultural Meaning into Products
  • 5 Dimensions of Cultural Insights Development
  • There is No Total Market Here or Anywhere
  • Beauty Products and Cultural Labeling
  • Brand “Latinization”
  • 4 Levels 4 Acculturation
  • Adapting Brand Communication to Latino Culture
  • Latino Consumers and Community Banking
  • Developing Actionable Latino Consumer Insights
  • Enticing Latino Grocery Shoppers to Purchase at your Store


Conducted seminars and presentations for corporate marketers interested in penetrating and/or expanding brand presence in the U.S. Latino and Latin American marketplace. Topics include and not limited to:

  • Panel Discussion on the Influence of Hispanic Millennials on Texting
  • Brand Latinization
  • International Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Latino Community
  • The Future of Trade in Latin America
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Marketing in Chile
  • Hispanic Marketing in the Financial Market
  • Understanding Latino Consumers
  • A Panel Discussion on International Marketing
  • Latin American Marketing
  • Connecting with the Hispanic Market
  • Targeting the U.S. Hispanic Market
  • In-Culture Hispanic or Latino Marketing
  • Marketing to the Hispanic Market



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