Beth  Brennan

Beth Brennan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Special Education

Dr. Brennan serves as Director of Special Education Programs and Associate Professor in the Department of Learning and Teaching. Dr. Brennan joined the Graduate School of Education faculty in 2011 as an associate professor in the Special Education Department. She served as Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education from 2014-2019. Her interest in supporting individuals with disabilities was ignited at an early age when she volunteered as a peer support in a summer camp for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. Later she began her professional career as an instructional aide in a county program for students with significant disabilities. Dr. Brennan went on to complete her Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Special Education from Kent State University. Dr. Brennan has worked in supervision and research at Family Child Learning Center in Ohio (a collaborative of Kent State University and Akron Children's Hospital), as a site coordinator with the Early Childhood Research Institute on Inclusion and as an Associate Professor and Program Director at Saint Mary's College of California. She has held teaching certificates in Ohio and California and most recently worked with the Oak Park Unified School District. Dr. Brennan's current work focuses on Social-Emotional skill development for students and teachers in K12 settings.



Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; Ph.D. - Special Education
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; M.Ed. - Special Education
Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO; B.A. - Social Work



  • Social-emotional learning needs in K12
  • Co-teaching in Higher Education
  • Family Systems Perspective and Disability
  • Inclusive Classroom Supports for Students with Disabilities


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