Lynn M. Sarkany

Lynn M. Sarkany, MBA

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Lynn is the Owner and Principal of Marketfinders®, a marketing consulting firm that specializes in client acquisition and retention for small and medium-sized business, in both the product marketing and services marketing sectors.  Lynn has worked in the marketing and Public Relations profession since 1990.  Lynn has worked in the development of start-ups as well as in the expansion of established businesses.  Previous career experience includes a 14-year career as an Electrical Engineering Manager at a major power utility in Southern California.

Lynn is also the founder of a new business networking organization, Entrepreneurs Professionals.  The purpose of this organization is to allow owners and decision=makers in small to medium-sized business owners to network and share their expertise and best practices to become the strongest business owners that they can be.



Lynn has an MBA in Marketing from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Institute at the Claremont Graduate School, as well as a BSEE Degree from the University of Michigan.


As the owner and founder of Marketfinders®, a marketing consulting practice based in Thousand Oaks, California. Lynn's strength lies in her ability to assimilate ideas from a diverse array of markets and industries in both the non-profit and for-profit marketing environments. This talent enables her to work with a variety of businesses to seek-out and enter markets quickly and effectively. Areas of expertise include: Technical and manufacturing; Entertainment marketing in products and services as well as effective product placement in the creative process; Private practice, including medical, legal and accounting; New product innovation; Retail; Real Estate and Construction
Community positions held include work with the Marketing Business Internship Program at the University of Southern California, as well as the Graphic Design Department of the West Valley Occupational Center in Woodland Hills, CA. She also an active promoter and contributor to the current San Fernando Valley Economic Revitalization Program.


Lynn  has published and has contributed to marketing and business articles in several magazines and newspaper publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Ventura County Star, and Businessweek, and is an experienced lecturer on the topics of business marketing, management, and planning.

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