Sheila Moore, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member


Dr.  Moore brings a wealth of experience both from the business world and from Academia.   

Her educational credentials include degrees in International Affairs, Economics, and Finance (MBA).   Actual, practical applications of her extensive knowledge include positions in banking (First Interstate, Australia-New Zealand banks), in a New York based asset management company (GAMCO Investors), and as an executive for a private entrepreneur.  

As a university professor she has taught classes in Economics, Finance, and for a variety of MBA courses.  Currently she teaches at both California Lutheran University and Pepperdine University.

Dr. Moore has also written and hosted her own television shows, which include Your Money Matters, Profiles in Business, and The Force within You.  She is a writer, commentator, and public speaker.

Most currently she is the author of Economic Insights, a series of articles which provide a straight-forward unveiling and presentation of economic concepts and prescriptions. 

Economic Insights is published on