Michael D. Wiley

Michael D. Wiley, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Courses Taught: Organic Chemistry Elementary Organic Chemistry Quantitative Analysis Instrumental Methods of Analysis Organic Qualitative Analysis Research Interests: The use of molecular modeling as an enrichment/learning tool for students in organic chemistry.

  • B.S. (Chemistry) 1961 University of Southern California
  • Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry) 1969 University of Washington

Bethell, D; Chadwick, D; Harding, M; Maling, G; Wiley, M. α-Fluoro-trans-Cinnamoyl Peroxide, C18H12F2O4. Acta Crystallograpica, Sec C: Crystal Structure Communications. C41, p 470-2 (1985)

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