SCAM ALERT: (fake) government agency U.S. Department of Grants

Recently we have received inquiries from students regarding contact, usually a phone call, from people supposedly from the "U.S. Department of Grants."  They are telling students, for one reason or another, that he or she have been provided a special grant.  All they need from you is a checking account number or other personal identification.  Do not give them this information over the phone.  A genuine government grant, education or otherwise, will never be provided to you in this format. 

Educational grant funding from government agencies are processed through the school, not a student’s personal bank account.   

Please see this news article from 2013describing this particular scam that appears to be on the rise again.  We remind you that you should never provide personal or financial information to unsolicited callers and always be diligent about sharing such information.  If you have questions about your financial aid or legitimate grant and scholarship programs please contact our office at or 805-493-3115