Gifts of Stock

If you would like to give the gift of stock, this page will give you an overview of the process.

  1. First, notify us of your intended gift

    For each gift, it is strongly recommended that you first send us a letter giving:

    • Your name
    • Name and amount of shares being transferred
    • Expected date of the transfer
    • Purpose for which the gift is to be used

    You can download our sample donor letter to use as the basis for your own.

  2. Transfer shares held in an account

    1. Ask your broker to make an electronic transfer of the shares to the California Lutheran University Broker Account at State Street Bank and Trust.

      If the stock is currently in an account with a company other than State Street Bank and Trust, you must complete a DTC transfer to the following account:

      California Lutheran University
      State Street Brokerage Services, Inc.
      DTC #0226 National Financial Services (NFS) for further credit to account # AB2-036722
      Account Name: California Lutheran University

      Please call us with questions or issues: 805-493-3689
    2. Please have your broker contact us on the date of the transfer to confirm and identify the transaction details.
    3. Once the stock is received and transferred into our account, we will receive notification of the transfer, and a receipt will be sent to you.
  3. Transfer certificates for your shares

    1. Endorse each certificate. A guaranty of the signature must be executed by both donor and an institution or bank that is qualified to complete the guaranty.

      Please do not complete the back portion of the certificate(s).
    2. Mail the certificates to us and include a letter indicating to what purpose the gift should be directed. (You can download our sample donor letter to use as the basis for your own.)
    3. Print and complete the Stock/Bond Power Form and the Letter of Authorization to Sell and Assign Securities and mail them to us in a separate envelope from the certificates(s).

Gifts of mutual funds

For gifts funded with mutual funds, please contact us.

Transfers of mutual fund shares may take 3 to 4 weeks (or longer) to accomplish. Please allow plenty of time for this type of gift.

We will need a copy of your latest statement and a letter indicating the fund name and dollar amount to be given. It is very important to contact us early for mutual fund transfers.

For gifts of International-Based Securities (i.e. Euro-Bonds), please call us for directions.

Determining the gift date

The date of the gift is determined by the act of "relinquishing" the stock. This varies per delivery method.

Electronic transfer

The date the shares are received in Cal Lutheran's account.


If mailed through a private mail service (FedEx, etc.), the gift is complete on the date we receive the mail containing the stock certificates, and signed powers and assignment documents. Each should be mailed separately.

If mailed through USPS, the gift is complete on the date of the postmark of the last envelope to arrive at Cal Lutheran (in case they do not arrive at the same time).

Hand delivery

The date of delivery, with all necessary endorsements to Cal Lutheran. Certificates must be delivered in-person to the Office of Major & Planned Giving in the Pederson Administration Building, suite 104, or to the Hansen Business Office.

Valuation and receipting

Your receipt letters will indicate the number and types of shares, the date of the transfer and the value of the gift.

For publicly traded stock, you will be credited with the fair market value of the stock, which is determined by averaging high and low trading prices on the date of the gift.

If a stock transfer occurs after the close of the market on Friday, you will be credited with the average between the high and low value of Friday and the following Monday's trade price.

Liquidation of stock

Stocks are liquidated as soon as we receive them or upon notification by our broker that the shares have been transferred to one of our accounts.