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Tuition Free Day

Did you know your tuition only covers 85% of the actual cost of your education?

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Why Give to Cal Lutheran?

Does my participation really matter?

It sure does! In fact, U.S. News and World Report considers the percentage of student and alumni support when calculating its rankings. A higher national ranking attracts more corporate/foundation gifts, which enhances programming. Higher rankings and better programming improves Cal Lutheran's reputation, which increases the value of your degree!

Wait, doesn't my tuition pay for that stuff?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. Tuition only covers 85% of the cost of your education. The Annual Fund fills that remaining 15% gap through generous donations made by alumni, parents, and friends. Their support is vital to your success. However, giving doesn't just start with these constituents; it starts with YOU!

Where does my money go?

In an average year, each dollar to the Annual Fund is spent like this:

  • 32¢ Instruction & Academic Support: Library and instructional technology, faculty, research grants, instructional materials, study abroad programs.
  • 27¢ Scholarships & Grants: 95% of students receive some type of financial assistance, whether in the form of scholarships or financial aid.
  • 14¢ Institutional Support: Public safety, IT, facilities, administration.
  • 14¢ Student Services: Athletics, careers services, health services, student life, admissions, orientation.
  • 13¢ Auxiliary Services: Housing, dining, campus conferences.
Why are you asking me for money before I graduate?

Giving isn't so much a matter of the dollar amount, but rather showing spirited support of your university. We hope that you are proud of the education you are receiving and want to ensure future students have the same experiences.

I don't have any money, or I can only afford to give a small amount. Will my gift make a difference?

We know that as students you aren't millionaires but, maybe instead of a latte at Starbucks, give $3 to help a fellow Cal Lutheran student afford an education. Participation is the most important part about giving.

Are there other ways for me to help out besides donating?

Absolutely! You can join the Student Philanthropy Council or participate in the Phonathon as a caller. Both are excellent ways to support Cal Lutheran.

What is the Oak Tree Society?

Oak Tree Society Oak Leaf

Giving for 3+​ consecutive years

The oak tree has often been used as a symbol of strength, nobility, and longevity. Similarly, the Oak Tree Society honors donors who have shown a commitment to giving to Cal Lutheran for three or more years consecutively. A gift, no matter how big or small, that is given every year to the University grows to the power of an oak tree when it is joined with gifts from other Cal Lutheran alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends.

Oak Tree Society members are recognized at Cal Lutheran events as well as on our websites and on printed donor lists by the symbol of an oak leaf next to their names.


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