Tuition Free Day

March 5, 2025

Did you know that donors who give to Cal Lutheran's Annual Fund enable you to experience the best education possible? Do you know what would happen if these generous donors didn't exist? 

  • Tuition, which covers only 85% of the actual cost of your education, would be much higher!
  • That financial aid package you received upon coming to Cal Lutheran would not exist.
  • Your favorite professor, who knows you by your first name, would not be here.
  • Your dream of studying abroad would not be possible.
  • Research opportunities, and other types of experiential learning would all cease to exist.
  • Your best friend, or perhaps even you, would not be able to attend Cal Lutheran.
Student on Spine (Welcome)

Donors impact your education and your future by providing you with the tools, resources, and financial assistance you need to achieve your academic goals. 

Tuition Free Day marks the day when you are 85% of the way through the academic year.

Imagine if tuition just stopped.  Would you be able to cover the remaining 15%?  If not, what better way to spend this day, Tuition Free Day, than thanking all of the generous individuals who support your education through their gifts to the Annual Fund.

We hope you will show your appreciation by joining us on March 5 as we say THANK YOU to those who support Cal Lutheran and, more importantly, who support YOU!