CLU Annual Fund Sustaining Student Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sustaining member of the CLU Annual Fund.  Sustaining Membership is an automatic renewal program. It’s easy, efficient, and ensures that more of your contribution can go directly into helping students like you.

Your monthly contribution is deducted automatically from your credit or debit card, which means no renewal dates to remember, no checks to write, no stamps to buy, and no reminders from us – so we spend less of your contribution on printing and postage.

Your membership is always active, and you can increase, decrease or suspend your monthly contribution at any time by contacting the CLU Annual Fund office by mail, phone or email.

As a Sustaining Member of the CLU Annual Fund you are playing a key role in the lives of all students by helping to provide the best service and resources to help them think critically and creatively, to write clearly, speak persuasively, and to meet the challenges of a diverse, interconnected world.  Your support helps prepare you and your peers for successful, meaningful lives.