Virtual Homecoming

October 1-31, 2020


Welcome to CLUB 50:

An exciting reunion celebration for all of the classes who have reached their 50th reunion!


Virtual Celebration RSVP

During your time at Cal Lutheran, you likely sparked dear friendships not only with others from your graduating class, but also from your surrounding classes. We’ve learned that alumni are interested in reconnecting with fellow classmates from their generation, not just from their specific class.

With that in mind, we have created CLUB 50! The Classes of 1964-1969 are already members of this distinguished club, and this year they will welcome the Class of 1970 into CLUB 50 during the first-ever Virtual Celebration!

Come relive old memories and make some new ones at this special event

Friday, October 16th at 6:30PM

RSVP by clicking the green button at the top of this page.  Then, “Add Your Name” at the bottom of this page to let your classmates know that you will be attending.


CLUB 50 Digital Memory Book

You should have already received an invitation to the CLUB 50 Digital Memory Book so that you can stay updated and connected with your classmates.  If you have not already received information regarding the memory book, please contact the Alumni Office at or 805-493-3170.

Who's Going?

AFTER you RSVP above for the CLUB 50 Celebration, add you name here so that you and your classmates can see who will be attending on Friday night!   

Add Your Name

  • Brenton Blake
  • Cathy (Roman) Sontum
  • Craig Marburger
  • David Johnson
  • Edith (Close) Close-Vaziri
  • Jason Broussard
  • Joel Davis
  • Linda (Lewis) Nausin
  • Mark Wangsness
  • Mary Ann (Olson) Fiore
  • Melanie (Close) Liotta
  • Nancy (Lovell) Wales
  • Norma (VanDalsem) Bauer
  • Scott Gordon
  • Steve Rosemary
  • Bill Embree
  • Dave Festerling
  • David Spurlock
  • Don Hermansen
  • Jim Quiring
  • Jim Day
  • judy (wacker) day
  • judy (wacker) day
  • Judy (Hampton) Proffitt
  • Lansing Hawkins
  • Mark Wiederanders
  • Tom Proffitt
  • Gwen (Theodos) Thompson
  • Jim Kennington
  • Kathie (Ditchey) Ferkin
  • Sue (Peterson) Festerling
  • Walter (Wally) Mees
  • Charlene (Buhr) Ohlrich
  • Joanne (Satrum) Cornelius
  • Danton Tuve
  • Lloyd "Ant" Andreas
  • Lynn Thompson
  • Barry Wohrle
  • Bill Ewing
  • Jan (Stauffer) Moorefield
  • Judy (Schott) Mckay
  • Karsten Lundring
  • Paul Meyer
  • Ruth Ann Johnson
  • Jim Schaff
  • Kirsten (Bodding) Lundring
  • Lynda (Benton) Elmendorf