Board Meetings Recap - Mar. 3


$2,000 were allocated to provide 200 free tickets to see the Theatre Department's production of Spring Awakening at the Civic Arts Plaza.
Giselle Fernandez was appointed to the Artists and Speakers Committee.
Josh Wood, Caleb Arndt, and Jasmine Waples were appointed to the General Expenditures Committee.


Cody Jones is brainstorming to have the students build a new project like Gumby.
Daniel Lacey has finalized the paperwork for digital signage/marketing to make sure the project is completed by the end of the year.
Ryan Luchs is sending out a survey to the student body to see what ASCLUG should focus on this spring semester.
Morgan McVey is planning to have visuals and marketing to show the students what ASCLUG Senate has done and what it has been working on.
Caleb Arndt is working on another Exchange for Change event this semester.
Courtney Sabile has completed her project to install new lighting in Kingsmen Park. She is looking into getting a plaque for the project.
Josh Wood is in the ordering process of getting the skateboard racks.
Ricky Hegner is working on the Senate tabling event.
Megan Callery is also working on visuals for what ASCLUG Senate has done this year. She plans to have a collaborative event with Exchange for Change.
Michelle Grawet is in touch with Julius Bianchi for costs of installing a printer in Gilbert. Julius would like ASCLUG Senate to pay for the printer.
Rachael Cortina is in the final stages of completing her project. Window tinting in Mogen Lounge should be installed during Spring Break.
Joette Carini is looking into adding a raffle and trivia for the Senate tabling event.
Abel Cocos is in touch with Steve Wheatly for a project.
Mike Frieda reported that Pearson Library is moving forward with the purchase of more DVD's.
Gregg Salazar reported that the water fountains should be delivered to CLU. Gregg is trying to get in touch with Mark Jaconsen of Facilities to verify that they are here.
Daniel Aldrete reported that we'll have to wait until the new Ullman Common is finished to add motorcycle spots.
Chelsea Gutowski finished her international student survey. She has only received 2 responses so far.
Alejandra Cueva is thinking about doing a club grant.

How to contact your Senators:

Please feel free to email any of the above senators with any questions, concerns, or comments. Click here to find their email addresses.

Programs Board

The "Jimmy Jamma Swimmas" Committee (Committe Chair: Jasmine Waples, is planning a Drop In (April 11th) in conjuncting with the athletic department. Location and time TBD.

The "Gentleman's Cut" Committee (Committee Chair: Carlos Moran, is planning a March support event by purchasing a new banner for the track team.

The "TBC" Committee (Committee Chair: Laurel Skinner, is planning an April support event for the color run. The committee is also planning Club Lu: Laser Tag (May 9th, location and time TBD)

The "Cloch" Committee (Committee Chair: Ottilie Yee, recently planned and hosted Club Lu: Field Day (March 7th).

How to contact your PB Reps:

Please feel free to email any of the above committee chairs with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Board Meeting Information

Senate Meeting will take place on March 10th at 5:20 pm in Lundring Events Center (Please note that the location of the Senate meeting has changed for this week only.); Programs Board Meeting will also take place on March 10th at 7:15 pm in Swenson 101.

All Senators and Programs Board representatives invite YOU--the CLU students--to provide feedback and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to come to the meeting or contact any of your representatives at the email provided above.