Cal Lutheran Changed Everything

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It was extenuating financially for my parents to send me to a 4-year university. Despite my hard work from the community college, it was impossible as an international student who recently received a permanent residency to get financial aid and be eligible for the residency for the tuition purposes. Moreover, I lost my father just few days after I applied to Cal Lutheran. Hence, I was emotionally drained and couldn’t keep tasks organized. I thought I’m going to have to take a gap year since my deadlines from multiple colleges passed. However, Cal Lutheran changed everything. I received nearly 70% of my tuition paid without any loans even though I applied late in the cycle. I was able to complete my education in a way that was financially suitable for our family. Cal Lutheran took me in and consider me as eligible for “residency for tuition purposes” while other colleges didn’t. Staff members were willing to listen to my story and has helped me settle here in Cal Lutheran with ease. I met really great professors who are willing to help me succeed during my time here. I hope my story helps for anyone who is thinking to apply to Cal Lutheran. They truly care about me and my success here in CLU as an undergrad. I’m forever grateful to the staff members and the professors. Thank you.

- submitted by Blessing Win '21