Election Results

Drumroll, please...

Thank you all for a clean, healthy race! We look forward to a wonderful year. The next opportunity for general elections will be in April for the following year's Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Commuters. 

2012 Fall ASCLUG Election Results


First Year Programs Board

Rebecca Bomfim         49%

Evan Carthen              41%

Laurel Skinner            36%

Christopher Otmar    30%


Transfer Programs Board

Erik Meyers         80%


First Year Senate

Tori Bottiglione           60%

Caleb Arndt               47%

Beau Pellowski          46%

Daniel Aldrete            38%



Junior Senate

Donovan Arqueta       50%

Lexie Sorenson           49%



Transfer Senate

Write-In: Ronald Burton