Board Meetings Recap - Sept. 23


College Life was allocated $1,250.
Men's Rugby was allocated $1,500.
Future Treps club was approved.

Senate committees will report on what they are working on at September 30th meeting.

Programs Board

The "Bomb Squad" Committee (Committe Chair: Jasmine Waples, is considering Pielogy as a possible location for Drop In on October 11th. Also, for the Halloween Event on November 1st, the committee is considering to bring on-campus rental haunted house.

The "Carlos' Gems" Committee (Committee Chair: Carlos Moran, is looking into getting a good luck banner to athletes for the October Spirit Event. Other items include having players sign the ball for raffle prizes and giving away gift cards. The committee is considering to host this event during the football game on October 12th.

The "Furious Flying Ferbees" Committee (Committee Chair: Laurel Skinner, is considering to partner with the "Carlos' Gems" Committee for one big spirit event. The "Furious Flying Ferbees" Committee is also planning Homecoming Carnival. Some items that were discussed were having different venders/carnival group show up and inviting clubs to table at the carnival.

The "Cuddling Koalas" Committee (Committee Chair: Ottilie Yee, is planning Monte Carlo Night. It is considering to give away raffle prizes. The committee is also planning the December Spirit Event (date TBD).


Please note: Each Senate and Programs Board committee is made up of a group of senators or Programs Board representatives. Please feel free to email the committee chairs to find out who else is on the committee.

Board Meeting Information

Senate Board Meeting is tonight (Sept. 30th) at 5:20 pm in Swenson 101; Programs Board Meeting is also tonight (Sept. 30th) at 7:15 pm in Swenson 101.

All senators and Programs Board representatives invite YOU--the CLU students--to provide feedback and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to come to the meeting tonight (Sept. 30th) or contact the committee chair at the email provided above.