Institutional Research

The Institutional Research office preserves all university data and oversees the collection, analysis, and distribution of institutional data to the campus community and stakeholders. Our mission is to provide accurate and timely data to the campus community and assist with assessment and planning to support effective and informed decision-making.

We accomplish our mission through the following goals:

  • Provision of comprehensive and easily accessible data and reports to the Cal Lutheran community.
    • Objective 1: Expansion and enhancement of interactive business intelligence reports to display/showcase data trends.
    • Objective 2: Development and maintenance of a university-wide one-stop shop data repository to access university data.
  • Maintenance of quality assurance processes and compliance for all internal and external mandates.
    • Objective 1: Completion and submission of accurate data to external stakeholders within the mandated deadlines.
  • Promotion of data integrity across university data systems.
    • Objective 1: Reconcile data and provide accurate data to support grant development, enrollment and other institutional data needs.

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