In Fall 2021, California Lutheran University commenced an integrated strategic and master planning process. We have partnered with consultants from Credo, Inc. who will aid us in the design and implementation of these plans.

Our strategic plan will identify the top priorities around which we will concentrate a considerable amount of time, attention, and resources over the next four or five years. Our master plan will help us pinpoint the spaces, places, thoroughfares, perimeters, and entrances of the campus that we need to build or improve to bring to life the priorities the strategic plan has identified. It may also tell us which facilities we ought to take “off line.” 

In October and November 2021, Credo consultants met on separate occasions with the Cabinet, the Board of Regents, and more than two hundred faculty and staff who accepted the open invitation to participate in Community Day. During each of those engagements, participants were invited to share ideas and recommendations for the new plans. 

This Strategic Planning website provides updates on the planning process itself and on the findings and recommendations that are emerging from it. Please check it regularly to learn about upcoming opportunities for engagement.