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Club's Civic Engagement Project Requirement (CEPR)

The Civic Engagement Project supports California Lutheran University’s commitment to social justice and its mission of educating leaders committed to service and justice. The project is designed to engage CLU students to contribute to the common good and the population or cause their club(s) serves. By completing the Civic Engagement Project, CLU clubs will be eligible to receive $100 in club funding for the Fall involvement fair the following academic year and be recognized for their service and leadership at the Leadership Awards. Below you will find the policy for the Civic Engagement Project.

The "Fine Print"

Below highlights the requirements needed to complete the Civic Engagement Project Requirement. If you have any questions or would like support for your club’s civic engagement project, reach out to the CEL team by emailing to set up a civic engagement advising appointment. 

  • Clubs must have at least 5 members on their roster before submitting the project proposal. 
  • All clubs must wait until after their first meeting of the school year to submit the project proposal. 
  • The project must align with your club’s mission and the population and/or cause that it serves. 
  • Clubs must submit a Civic Engagement Project proposal at least two week in adnavce of their project date and receive approval prior to executing the project. CEL will make the final determination if a project will count towards the Civic Engagement Project Requirement.
  • At least 50% of the club members must participate in the project once every academic year. 
  • Each member of your club must contribute at least one hour of their time to complete the project. 
  • After the project, your club must complete the Civic Engagement Project Reflection, which will require your club to submit the following: 
    • A minimum of 3 photos from the project. Photos should include: 
      • Club members participating in the project. 
      • Please do not include pictures of people, who are not in your club, without their permission
    • A Civic Engagement Project Member Experience spreadsheet
      • On the spreadsheet, clubs will list a roster of the members who contributed to the project, each member’s role in the project, how many hours they completed, and member testimonials from their experience contributing to the project.

Visit our CEPR Steps for more details and important deadlines

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