Find part-time employment on campus

Getting Hired

Congratulations on receiving a job offer for student employment! Prior to starting your position, you must complete the six steps below in order to get hired and paid on time.

Step 1: Submit a personnel form

As soon as you are offered a position, fill out a personnel form. A new form is required every academic year for each position that you have at Cal Lutheran. 

  1. Go to the electronic Student Personnel Action Form.
  2. Choose the term that you will be working in and complete the student section.
  3. If you have worked as a student employee at Cal Lutheran before, indicate "Yes" to being a prior Student Employee.
  4. Add your supervisor's name and email so that they may complete their portion.
  5. Sign electronically and submit the form.

Once submitted, you should receive an email from The email will provide instructions for the next step of submitting your hiring forms.

Step 2: Complete all required hiring forms

If you have not worked at Cal Lutheran before, follow these instructions to complete the required forms below. 

Direct Deposit Form
  1. Download and complete a Direct Deposit Form.
    1. This will download as a file, so check your downloads.
W-4 Form
  1. Download and complete a W-4 Form - 2024 (Formulario W-4  - 2024).
I-9 Form & Proof of Eligibility to Work in the U.S.
  1. Download an I-9 Form.
  2. Complete Section 1 (you are not required to list your Social Security Number, this is optional).
  3. Select your correct status for citizenship:
    1. Form I-94, USCIS A, or Foreign Passport Number is required if you are a noncitizen.
    2. Must have or apply for a social security card prior to working.
    3. Choose from the following options:
      1. US Citizen: born in the United States
      2. A noncitizen national of the United States: Those born with ties to the outlying US possessions of American Samoa and Swains Island
      3. A lawful permanent resident: Non-citizens who are lawfully authorized to live permanently within the United States (green card holders) USCIS number is required
      4. A noncitizen authorized to work: Often international F-1 students fall under this category
  4. Sign and date.
  5. If you used a Preparer or Translator, make sure that they sign off.
  6. Leave Section 2 blank — the Student Employment Office completes this as part Employer Review.
  7. For additional information, see the Instructions for I-9 Form (Instrucciones del Formulario I-9).

Once you have completed all forms, upload them below or bring them to the Student Employment Office.

upload All Required Hiring Forms

Step 3: Bring in your forms of ID

Next, you will need to visit the Student Employment Office.

  1. Gather your I-9 Authorization Documents (IDs):
    1. Acceptable forms of ID are indicated under "Lists of Acceptable Documents" in the I-9 Form.
    2. All forms of ID must be originals — copies will not be accepted.
  2. Bring your forms of ID to be scanned in-person at the Student Employment Office (see Campus Map). For PLTS students, please have these scanned at the PLTS Office.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation email

Once you have submitted your hiring forms and your supervisor has signed your personnel form, the Student Employment Office will process your employment.

Please look for a confirmation email from the Student Employment Office to indicate when you may begin working. You may not begin working until you have received your confirmation email.

Step 5: Learn how to submit your timesheet

To prepare for your new position, take a moment to learn about Time Entry and submitting your timesheet.

Pay schedules:

Step 6: Start your first day with success

You are almost ready for your first day of work! The first day of a new job can be stressful, but also very exciting. Prepare yourself to be successful by thinking through a few basic tips.

By your first day, you should have the answer to the following questions:
  • Who is your primary supervisor/contact person?
  • What are the main tasks required at the beginning of your shift?
  • Who should you contact if you are not able to make into the office?
  • What are the office policies (e.g., homework, dress code, etc.)?

If you are unclear on any information above, you may want to contact your supervisor to clarify your questions.

Pro tip: Arrive to work five minutes early

For the entire first week of your new position, plan to arrive to work five minutes early. This will help you be prepared for training and conveys to your supervisor that you are a self-motivated employee.

Suggested next steps for your professional development:
  1. Attend a student employment training
  2. Update your resume with Career Services

And now, the real work begins! As you progress through your position, look for opportunities to shine, learn, and grow. By bringing your best self to work every day, you can gain positive references for your future professional and academic endeavors, all while boosting your resume toward your goals.