Find part-time employment on campus

Why Work on Campus?

5 Benefits of Work Study

  1. Job Experience Work study jobs are valuable for career planning. The job experience can distinguish a future employment application from other job seekers. Also, an employer may be used as a reference for future jobs or graduate school applications since they can attest to your ability to work hard and be responsible.
  2. Money Payment of work-study funds happen regularly based on hours worked. Many students use work-study wages for their “other expenses” in their cost of attendance.
  3. Great Location Having a job right on campus saves time, gas, and can be a bit more flexible with your schedule since they understand how much you really have going on!
  4. Improved Time Management Researchers have reported that working 20 hours or less strengthens academic performance. Also, student workers tend to be more engaged (not drop out) than students who did not work on campus. This is likely to be because such students have developed strong time management skills.
  5. A Mentor/Reference/or Letter Writer Building strong relationships with staff and faculty on campus can last a lifetime, Or it can last long enough to get you that letter of recommendation or reference you need for your next job or even graduate school. You need people who can act as a reference or write a letter of recommendation, and working on campus makes this easy. If it's not your direct supervisor it can be other staff members you connected with. 

Working 10-15 per week between classes or on the weekend can add a new dimension to college. Work Study gives you an opportunity to help pay for college costs, build your resume, hone your time management skills, and find mentors!

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