Here are the steps you need to take before graduating, and the options you may consider after your study completion

Apply to graduate

You must apply to graduate whether you plan to be in the ceremony or not. You can apply online (choose "undergraduate" or "graduate" student) or at the Registrar's office. Be sure to give them an address where your diploma and transcripts can be mailed.

Apply to graduate for your degree 

Attend Commencement

Commencement is a ceremony held once a year that honors students who just have or will soon graduate, which means completing all requirements of their degree program. Be sure to click on the link below for more information.

Commencement 2024

Order graduation gear

If you are participating in the graduation ceremony, Please place your order of cap and gown with Josten's. If you are a graduate student, they will need to know what degree you are earning so they can provide you with the correct hood color.

Order your Cap and Gown  

Choose your international graduation sash (optional)

An international stole will depict your country's flag, embroidered with the Cal Lutheran logo. Order it directly from Josten's website and/or shop for affiliate optional accessories to showcase your culture during graduation ceremony.

Order your international graduation stole  

Participate in the ceremony

Each May, Cal Lutheran holds a graduation ceremony for students who have completed their academic program or are one class away from graduation. We encourage you to learn more about the ceremony and to participate. It is a unique moment for you and your family to share. 

Request a visitor visa letter for your family (if applicable) 

Options after graduation
There are three options available to you as you finish your academic program:

- Leave the U.S. within 60 days of graduation. This gives you time to see whatever you've missed in the U.S. 
Please note that you cannot exit the U.S. and re-enter during this grace period.

- Be scheduled to start a new academic program in the next available term for a different degree or program. Learn more about your options at CalLu. 

- Apply as early as 90 days before graduating (recommended) and begin post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT). The application process requires an appointment with us to fill out the paperwork. Learn more