Billing and Payment Options

Choose a Payment Option

We offer 3 options to pay the balance on your bill. Once you have viewed your bill and gained finanical clearance, read below to see which payment option best suits your needs. Then, follow the instructions to pay your bill.

Important: Please refer to our policies on returned payments or checks for supplemental fees and withdrawal information. View our Policies

Option 1: Enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan

If you would like to pay your balance in monthly installments, we offer 2 payment plans featuring automatic electronic check withdrawals through CLUpay, at no interest. Eligibility to enroll in a payment plan is for traditional undergraduate students and students on 15-week or 11-week semester schedules. Students in 8-week programs, undergraduate summer sessions, or weekend-only courses are ineligible (to make payments for these schedules, Log into MyCLU and select Self-Service).

Option 2: Pay in Full

If you would like to pay your balance in full, payments can be made by electronic check, cash or check, credit or debit card (in-person), or international wire transfer. Click the items below for details.

Option 3: Use Financial Aid in Full

If you would like to utilize your financial aid to pay your balance, you must have enough financial aid available to cover your entire balance. Students who do not have enough financial aid to cover their entire balance are not eligible for this option and must choose a different option to pay their balance.

How to Pay
  1. Ensure you have reviewed and accepted all of your financial aid awards in order to apply them to your student account.
    Learn how to view and accept your awards


You did it!

Now that you have viewed your bill, gained financial clearance (traditional undergraduate students only), and chosen a payment option to pay the balance on your bill, you are all set for the upcoming semester.
Mark your calendar to repeat these steps by the deadline for each semester moving forward.