Tuition Overload Policy

Full-time undergraduates may take 12 to 18 units each semester for the full-time tuition flat rate. Additional units over 18 will be billed on a per credit overload basis.

Cal Lutheran will provide one unit of overload tuition refund per semester, per student for the Group A courses listed below. All private and group fees still apply.

Group A

  • Mus-113 Class Voice
  • Mus-114 Class Piano
  • Mus-116 Class Guitar
  • Mus-140/340 Private Piano
  • Mus-141/341 Private Organ
  • Mus-142/342 Private Voice
  • Mus-143/343 Private Strings (all)
  • Mus-144/344 Private Woodwinds
  • Mus-145/345 Private Brass
  • Mus-146/346 Private Percussion
  • Mus-147/347 Music Composition

In addition, Cal Lutheran will provide an overload tuition refund for students registered in any of the Group B courses listed below.

Group B

  • Mus-150/350 Women’s Chorale
  • Mus-160/360 Percussion Ensemble
  • Mus-180/380 University Choir
  • Mus-153/353 Wind Ensemble
  • Mus-181/381 University Symphony
  • Mus-154/354 Chamber Music
  • Mus-155/355 Jazz Ensemble
  • Mus-482 Chamber Winds
  • TA- 152/352 Main Stage Productions
  • TA-312, ESSM 112/312 Alexander Technique
  • Mus-2ST Mariachi Ensemble


A student has 18 units of coursework and a 2-unit Private Violin class for a total of 20 units. The student will receive one unit of tuition overload refund because they are enrolled in a class on the Group A list and will only be charge one unit of tuition overload.

A student has 18 units of coursework and a 1-unit Private Violin lesson and 1-unit of Jazz Ensemble for a total of 20 units. The student will receive two units of tuition overload refund, one for a qualifying course in Group A and one in Group B.

Tuition overload refunds will not be granted for any other coursework.