Cal Lutheran has made a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by using electric vehicles on campus, retrofitting light bulbs and fixtures, constructing LEED-certified buildings, phasing out the use of water coolers and personal refrigerators, adopting a new campus lighting plan, retrofitting two buildings with "cool roofs," and re-evaluating temperature set-points for all campus buildings. During the last year, Cal Lutheran has reduced its energy consumption by 13% over initial projections! Other initiatives include:

  • In 2007 Cal Lutheran became a Climate Action Leader. Our emissions report can be accessed through the CARROT database.
  • Facilities and Operations is currently working with an energy consultant to determine the energy efficiency of the Ahmanson Science Center.
  • Cal Lutheran has implemented the use of PowerSave software that saves power when computers are on but not being used. The Information Systems Services (ISS) department worked with Southern California Edison to obtain this software and install it on all lab computers, and is in the process of rolling it out to all office computers.
  • Server Virtualization – Rather than have single applications running on individual servers, ISS uses special software to turn one physical server into several virtual (server) environments. The benefit is to reduce the number of servers as well as reduce the amount of energy consumed.  
  • Cal Lutheran purchases only Energy Star certified computers and monitors, and has replaced all CRT monitors with more efficient flat-screen displays.