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Post MBA Certificate

Our Post MBA Certificate Series enables those with MBAs to further distinguish themselves in the work force and advance their career opportunities by continuing to broaden their knowledge base.

Individuals who have already earned their MBA, MPPA or a similar advanced degree can earn a certificate in one of our MBA professional tracks by completing a set of four targeted courses.


Application Process

Candidates for admission to the Post MBA Certificate Program Series must have earned an MBA or completed a similar graduate-level degree program. To apply, candidates for admission to the Post MBA Certificate Program Series should do the following:

  1. A completed application form and non-refundable application fee.
  2. Evidence of an interview with an admission counselor.
  3. If your MBA was not earned at Cal Lutheran, submit official transcripts of your MBA. (Additional documentation may be required including undergraduate transcripts.)

Program Completion Time

Earn your certificate in one year by going to class one night per week, or by taking two years to complete the four courses. Courses are offered year round (four, 11-week terms per year) giving certificate candidates flexibility to balance the demands of career and personal commitments with the pace of the program.


Courses are offered in seven professional tracks, allowing you to focus on a specific area.

Advanced Financial Planning

Individuals who have already earned their MBA in Financial Planning or have obtained a Certified Financial Planner designation can earn a Post-MBA Certificate in Advanced Financial Planning by completing a set of four targeted courses.

Choose four courses from the following:
  • BUS 564: Behavioral Finance
  • BUS 531A: Macro Economics for Investments
  • BUS 566: Social Psychology of Leading Clients
  • BUS 528: Strategic Financial Analysis
  • BUS 594: Planning for Small and Family Businesses
  • BUS 560: Advanced Estate Planning
  • BUS 555: Psychological-Cultural Dynamics of Communication and Persuasion
  • MBA 522   Innovative Business Models
Choose three from the following:
  • MBA 550   Agile Product Development
  • MBA 551   Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling
  • MBA 552   Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MBA 553   Growth Stage Venture Management
  • MBA 5STE   Special Topics of Entrepreneurial Management
  • MBA 521   Corporate Finance
Choose three from the following:
  • MBA 540   Financial Strategy
  • MBA 541   Strategic Financial Analysis
  • MBA 561   International Finance
  • MBA 542   Investment & Portfolio Mgmt
  • MBA 543   Real Estate Investments
  • MBA 544   Buyouts and Acquisitons
  • MBA 545   Behavioral Finance
  • MBA 552   Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MBA 5STF   Special Topics of Finance
Human Capital Management
  • MBA 524   Human Capital Management Strategy
Choose three from the following:
  • MBA 570   Compensation Management
  • MBA 571   Personnel Selection
  • MBA 572   Employee Relations
  • MBA 573   Training & Development
  • MBA 574   Global Human Resource Mangement
  • MBA 575   Employment Law
  • MBA 5STH   Special Topics of Human Capital Management
International Business
  • MBA 523   International Business
Choose three from the following:
  • MBA 564   Applied International Management
  • MBA 574   Global Human Resources Mangement
  • MBA 560   International Business Law
  • MBA 561   International Finance
  • MBA 562   International Marketing
  • MBA 563   Global Strategy
  • MBA 5STI   Special Topics of International Business
IT Management
  • IT 509   Data Management
Choose three from the following:
  • IT 512   Project Management
  • IT 520  IT Strategy and Business Value
  • IT 522   Enterprise Systems
  • IT 523   IT Architecture and Infrastructure
  • IT 524   Emergent Technologies and Issues
Required Course
  • MBA 520   Marketing Research
Choose three from the following:
  • MBA 530   CRM in the Digital Age
  • MBA 531   Sales Management 
  • MBA 532   Strategic Public Relations
  • MBA 562   International Marketing
  • MBA 533   Strategic Brand Management
  • MBA 534   Consumer Behavior
  • MBA 535   Advertising Management
  • MBA 5STM   Special Topics of Marketing


Tuition & Fees

The Post MBA Certificate allows professionals to continue graduate-level study at a significantly discounted rate - approximately 40 percent less than the regular MBA tuition.

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021
Tuition Alumni: $450 per credit
Non-Alumni: $555 per credit
Technology Fee $55 per term
$275 maximum per academic year
Application Fee $25 online
$50 paper
Late Registration Fee
for registration submitted after the add/drop deadline
Late Transaction Fee
for employer reimbursement applications
received after the second week of the semester
Transcript Fee $5.00 minimum
Additional fees may apply, refer to the Registrar's site

All fees are subject to change without notice. The University reserves the right to change, delete or add to this pricing schedule as deemed appropriate. Transcripts and diploma will not be released for any student who has an outstanding balance owed to Cal Lutheran.