Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Program Highlights

Teachers are once again in demand.

The prospect of growth for careers in education is high, with an expected turnover of over 100,000 teachers within the next decade due to retirement (California Teachers Association).

This program will prepare you to be a thriving educator in the field with a Deaf/Hard of Hearing credential specialty. You will gain experience and skills in spoken language development, aural habilitation, inclusion, literacy, and supporting families. Explore the curriculum

After graduating from this program, alumni have a high success rate of job placement in this field.

Additional Highlights

  • Candidates who meet the Internship Credential requirements may complete their program under the internship option. Please visit the Credential Office for more information.
  • Faculty comprised of highly-regarded practicing professionals. Please visit the Graduate School of Education website to meet the faculty for Learning & Teaching.
  • After obtaining your credential through this program, you can complete a Master of Science (M.S.) in the Education of the Deaf degree with only three more classes.