4+1 Option

If you're an undergraduate student at Cal Lutheran, you can earn your MPPA in only one year by taking MPPA courses during your senior year.

  • Save time and earn your MPPA faster
  • Save money by taking MPPA courses as part of your undergraduate tuition
  • Design your own graduate educational experience
  • Build a network of working professionals and students from around the world

How do I get admitted?

  • Admission is based on having senior status at Cal Lutheran and a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (805) 493-3325 or clugrad@callutheran.edu to learn how to apply for the MPPA program

How do I take MPPA courses?

  • Meet with an MPPA advisor to make your course selections.
  • Start taking MPPA courses during the fall or spring semesters of your senior year
  • Take up to a total of 3 MPPA courses during your senior year
  • If you continue attending the MPPA program as a full-time student after completing your undergraduate degree, you can earn your MPPA in just one year

What are the costs?

  • During your senior year, the MPPA courses will be included in your normal tuition as long as you take 12 undergraduate credits and do not exceed 18 total credits per term
  • Once fully admitted to the MPPA program, the tuition is the regular tuition per credit for MPPA courses at Cal Lutheran.