MS Counseling Psychology Alumni Award

Spring 2016

Jenna Knauss, MS


Jenna Knauss graduated from the California Lutheran University Graduate program in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2010. While in the program, she served as Program Administrator for the Verizon Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Program and was Assistant Program Manager at a private practice in Westlake Village. Both of these experiences solidified a strong desire to teach and eventually take on leadership roles in the field. After graduating, Jenna worked as an Adjunct Professor in Northern Arizona and as a Senior Staff Clinician at the University of Northern Colorado. She has recently accepted a position at a community mental health care agency in Massachusetts and is planning on beginning a two-year post graduate training program in infant mental health. Jenna has had multiple professional presentations, including an international conference on the topic of Violence. Jenna maintains a strong passion for service and leadership in the mental health field.  She is convinced that it is not title, location, or who you know that leads to success as a clinician or academic. Rather, it is confidence and a passion for lifelong learning, service toward others and care of oneself and family that leads to a fulfilling career. She states that she “is eternally grateful to Cal Lutheran and the phenomenal mentors that were foundational in her professional journey.”