Get Financial Clearance

Each traditional undergraduate is required to gain financial clearance on their student account from the Student Accounts Office to keep any pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

Financial clearance is achieved when:

  1. The student signs and completes a FERPA Authorization 
  2. The student signs and completes a Payment Contract
  3. The student signs and completes a Master Promissory Note 
  4.  And one of the following:
    1. The student remits payment for the estimated balance due on the pre-bill, via check or cash
    2. OR The student signs up for a Monthly Payment Plan to schedule automatic payments covering their outstanding account balance
    3. OR The student’s financial aid more than covers the tuition, fees, room and board expenses


Upon registering for classes at CLU, you can access your online pre-bill in Self-Service which will outline charges, financial aid, and balance due to CLU for the upcoming semester. Hard copies of the pre-bills will be mailed to your home address in early June for Fall semester and early December for Spring semester.

Payment Contract

The Payment Contract is a binding contract between CLU and the student that shows how payment will be made to cover the balance owed to CLU. It must be submitted online through the Student Accounts Office's website. If this contract is not submitted by the Financial Clearance date each semester, penalties may be assessed.

Enroll in our Monthly Payment Plan

By enrolling in the Monthly Payment Plan, you divide the balance owed each semester into smaller installments that you pay over time. There is an enrollment fee for the program, but you are not charged interest on your balance. For more information, contact the Student Accounts Office.

Your Awards Being Credited to Your Account

Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial aid is applied directly to your student account each semester and will first be applied to any outstanding charges. In order for financial aid to credit to your account, you must have completed all necessary applications and forms. Should your account not be paid in full once financial aid is applied and you are not making payments through the MPP, your balance will accrue interest on a monthly basis and you will be emailed regarding the amount you still owe to CLU.

Credit Balances and Institutional Refund Policy

If a student’s financial aid exceeds costs owed to CLU, the student account will show a credit balance. A credit balance resulting from loans will be automatically refunded after all charges are assessed. If the credit comes from other financial aid sources, the student may request, in writing, a refund or permission to leave the funds on the student account for the following term within the academic year. The refund check will be sent via mail or directly deposited into an account if the student signs up for direct deposit. Any charges assessed after the refund is issued are the responsibility of the student.

Withdrawal Policy

Students must drop any class they choose not to attend in Self-Service or with the Registrar’s Office, as CLU does not automatically drop students from classes. Students who drop or withdraw during a semester from the University or from specific courses are financially responsible for a portion or all of their charges depending on the date of the drop or withdrawal. In addition, students who are recipients of financial aid may not be eligible for the full amount of awarded financial aid. The amount of aid eligibility is based on the amount of the semester completed prior to the withdrawal date using a process called “Return of Title IV Funds.” The percentage charged by CLU and the amount of eligibility calculated by “Return of Title IV Funds” may not be the same and a student may need to return funds to CLU and/or the U.S. Department of Education. Please visit Withdrawal Policy and Return of Title IV Funds for more information.