For Public Service and Civic Engagement

Archive and Collection

The Gallegly Center Archive and Collection focuses on the management, storage, preservation, and display of Rep. Gallegly's government documents, correspondence, and papers over the course of his 33-year career in public service.

Highlights include his work in:

  • Expanding the European Union throughout Europe, the Balkans, and the Baltics
  • Chairing the first hearings on the 9/11 Commission's recommendations
  • Supporting efforts related to the Good Friday Accord that brought peace to Northern Ireland
  • Leading the fight against cruelty to animals
  • Establishing the Port of Hueneme as the only deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Gallegly Center also provides a working space where the Reagan-Gallegly Fellows, visiting scholars, and other members of the community can collaborate on group projects or conduct research.

In late summer 2021, the University contracted with a highly-regarded archival firm that has handled significant archival projects for prominent companies. The archiving process has been in full swing since that time, and members of the professional team estimate that they will conclude their work in January 2022. At that at time, the collection will be transported back to campus and housed in the Center. This location will give academic scholars and students alike easy and relevant access to the papers and materials. Relatedly, it will allow them to conduct their review and research in the Center itself. As designed, then, the Center will function as an engaged teaching, learning, and researching space.