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Sara Martinez

Sara Martinez

2021-2022 Fellow

Bachelor's in Political Science

I want to learn more about the relationships between policy, wealth distribution, and structures that provide economic upward mobility, and how to implement policies that are economically and ethically conscious.

About Sara

My passion for leadership and government was inspired by my undergraduate experience at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During my Junior year at CSUCI, I was awarded the Panetta Congressional Internship which gives young scholars an opportunity to develop leadership skills in government. As a congressional intern, I got a deeper understanding of the policy-making process, and I got to interact with hundreds of constituents interested in voicing their interests and concerns. Through this experience and others, I became deeply committed to pursuing a role in public service.

I applied for the Reagan-Gallegly Fellowship because it would provide me the financial support for the Masters in Public Policy Administration program at Cal Lutheran. The Fellowship also sponsors unique learning opportunities for its fellows. Through the MPPA program, I hope to learn how to create flexible structures that provide equitable opportunity for all community members to have a voice in their neighborhoods. Moreover, I hope to learn how to implement policies that are economically and ethically conscious so that our communities thrive and endure.

I would like to research voting policies that influence the participation of marginalized constituents, such as people experiencing homelessness or economic hardship. I am interested in learning more about the relationships between government policy, wealth distribution, and structures that give access to economic upward mobility. Policy issues I am especially passionate about include voting rights, affordable housing, public education, and technological accessibility. Upon graduation, I hope to secure a leadership position in government where I can collaborate with others in establishing public policy that reflects and defines our shared core values as Americans. For me, serving my country is the best way to express the gratitude I feel for our great nation. Being awarded the Reagan-Gallegly Fellowship has provided me with the means to develop my capacity as a public servant. I profoundly appreciate their support.