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Each Department Assistant (DA) specializes in certain areas of English study. If you are looking for tutoring or content editing, please see the specialties listed below so that you can contact the right DA for your needs.

Classes with an asterisk (*) next to them indicate that they are in process of completion. 

You can contact us at englishda@callutheran.edu or individually for appointments. Please check the DA schedule for individual hours.

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2018-2019 English Department Assistants


Elizabeth Gentile

Elizabeth is a senior and is majoring in English for Teaching with a minor in Dance. Elizabeth loves to write creatively and academically and is this years Editor-in-Chief of Morning Glory. Elizabeth is also heavily involved with the Theatre and Dance Department.

  • ENGL 480: English Major Capstone Colloquium
  • ENGL 301: Academic Research and Writing 


Garrett James Wyatt
Garrett is a Sophomore with an English Contract major in Creative Writing and Film. Garrett is very passionate about literature, theatre, and film. He loves to write, whether it's creatively through stories and scripts, or academically. Along with being a DA, Garrett is also involved in the Theatre and Dance Department, a Presidential Host, on staff for Morning Glory, and is a Peer Advisor for First Year students. 
  • ENGL 111: Critical Reading and Writing II
  • ENGL 201: Introduction to Literary Study*
  • ENGL 305: Playwriting
  • ENGL/COMM 307: TV/Film Screenwriting*
  • ENGL/COMM 330: Film Studies


Ellie L
Ellie Long

Ellie is a junior in the English Department. She is majoring in Political Science, with minors in Creative Writing, Global Studies, and Honors. Ellie is passionate about all forms of writing. When she's not at the DA desk, you can find her working as the Features Editor for "The Echo" campus newspaper, running CLU's hiking club, or reading a book in her hammock. 

Contact: helenalong@callutheran.edu  

  • ENGL 115: Honors Humanities Tutorial Part One 
  • PHIL 115: Honors Humanities Tutorial Part Two 
  • ENGL 202: Introduction to Creative Writing 
  • COMM 231: Writing for the Mass Media
  • COMM 307: TV/Film Screenwriting
  • ENGL 302: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENGL 304: Creative Writing: Nonfiction*
  • COMM 431: Working on The Echo
Brianna Zaragoza

Brianna is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has taken many classes in different forms of creative and journalistic writing. She also works at the Writing Center so she is very open and excited to work with students on their writing! Brianna loves reading and writing, traveling, and going to zumba. 

Contact: bzaragoza@callutheran.edu 

  • ENGL 330: Film Studies 
  • COMM 231: Writing for the Mass Media
  • ENGL 202: Introduction to Creative Writing 
  • COMM 307: TV/Film Screenwriting
  • ENGL 302: Creative Writing: Fiction*


 Shysel Granados
Shysel Granados 

Shysel is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Psychology. Shysel is aspiring to teach high school English in the near future to share her love and appreciation of literature. She also is a part of Circle K International, a community service-centered club, and works at the Starbucks on campus. Feel free to ask her any questions related to the aforementioned. Or stop by and say hello! 

Contact: sgranados@callutheran.edu 

  • ENGL-201: Introduction to Literary Study
  • ENGL-301: Academic Research & Writing
  • ENGL-314: English Language & Linguistics
  • ENGL-324: English Literature II
  • ENGL-325: American Literature I
  • ENGL-326: American Literature II
  • ENGL-452: Shakespeare