Department Assistants

Each Department Assistant (DA) specializes in certain areas of English study. If you are looking for tutoring or content editing, please see the specialties listed below so that you can contact the right DA for your needs.

Classes with an asterisk (*) next to them indicate that they are in process of completion. 

You can contact us at or individually for appointments. Please check the DA schedule for individual hours.

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2017-2018 English Department Assistants


Olivia L
Olivia Leyva



ENGL 111: Critical Reading and Writing

ENGL 201: Introduction to Literary Study

ENGL 202: Intro to Creative Writing

ENGL 301: Academic Research and Writing

ENGL 303: Creative Writing - Poetry

ENGL 305: Playwriting

ENGL 314: English Language and Linguistics

ENGL 324: English Literature II

ENGL 325: American Literature I

ENGL 452: Shakespeare

Julie Martinez


  • Honors 115
  • PHIL 115: Humanities Tutorial Seminar
  • ENGL 110: Critical Reading and Writing 
  • ENGL 111: Critical Reading and Writing 
  • BIOL 123L: 
  • BIOL 124L: 
  • ENGL 201: Intro do Literary Study
  • Honors 315: 
  • ENGL 315: Experimental Modernism: Art, Ideas and Identities
  • ENGL 323: British Literature I
  • ENGL 455: Major American Authors


Ellie L
Ellie Long

Ellie is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in writing. She also is minoring in Political Science. Ellie is passionate about all forms of writing, and is especially interested in journalistic, non-fiction, and poetic forms. In her free time you can find her writing for Her Campus Magazine, running CLU's hiking club, or working on her own creative writing projects.



ENGL 115: Honors Humanities Seminar (English 115)

ENGL 202: Introduction to Creative Writing (English 202)

COMM 231: Writing for the Mass Media*

COMM 307: Screenwriting*

Imanya Supancic



ENGL 202: Intro to Creative Writing

ENGL 260: Topics in World Literature: International Crime Fiction

ENGL 303: Creative Writing: Poetry

ENGL 304: Creative Writing: Nonfiction

ENGL 314: English Language and Linguistics

ENGL 330: Film Studies

ENGL 355: Post-Colonial Studies in Literature


Cynthia C
Cynthia Castillo

Cynthia is a senior here at CLU double majoring in English and Spanish. Her favorite works are by international writers, and editing is her passion. She also works at the CLU Writing Center located in the Pearson Library. 


  • ENGL 201: Intro to Literary Studies
  • ENGL 301: Academic Research & Writing
  • ENGL 318: Intro to Writing Center Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 323: English Literature I
  • ENGL 342: History of Theatre and Drama I
  • ENGL 353: Gender and Literature: US Diversity
  • ENGL 452: Shakespeare*
  • ENGL 480: English Capstone*
  • SPAN 315: Spanish Literature and Society
  • SPAN 325: Spanish American Literature and Society
  • SPAN 405: Latinamerican Civilizations and Culture
  • SPAN 470: Film in Spanish