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SCCURCalifornia Lutheran University students are given a wide variety of opportunities to interact with local, regional, national, and international communities. In particular the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) allows students from all disciplines to present their research, scholarship, and creative work during this celebration of undergraduate discovery, held each November. This year, these aspiring scholars will be presenting their work at California State University San Marcos on November 23rd, 2019.

Since 1995, Cal Lutheran English students have been encouraged to prepare and present projects at the SCCUR conferences. Cal Lutheran faculty help support this effort by chairing various conference sessions, participating in SCCUR workshops, helping their students prepare abstracts for submission, and taking students to the conferences to present their work.

For more information about 2019's SCCUR, visit www.sccur.org.

SCCUR 2019 Conference

California State University San Marcos, 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd., San Marcos, CA, 92096

November 23rd, 2019 from 7:30AM to 3:15PM.

Abstract submission period: August 1st, 2019-October 26th, 2019.

See Conference Website for more details.

Past Conferences

SCCUR 2016 at Saddleback College

Students TBA

SCCUR 2015 at Harvey Mudd College
  • Emily Engler: Using Galtung’s Theory of Violence to Understand Past and Predict Future Mass Violence; Advisors: Dr. Joan Wines, Dr. Victor Thasiah
  • Alyssa McAfee: Methods of Desensitization in Three Dystopian Texts; Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines
  • Megan Freiburg: Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse: Critiquing the Illusion of Oneness; Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines
  • Theresa Duncan: Dystopian Themes in Literature; Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines 
SCCUR 2013 at Whittier College
  • Carrie Baarns: Arabian Nights Unframed: Have You Seen This Protagonist?
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Allison Martin: Readers, Biography, and The Picture of Dorian Gray: Our Response to Reading
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Chris Meyers: To Be or Not to Be
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Andrew Olsen: Eliot's "The Waste Land" in context of early twentieth century scholarship
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Danya Migdall: Revolt Against Fairy Tales: A Creative Project Challenging Traditional Gender Stereotypes in Fairy Tales
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
SCCUR 2012 at California State University, Channel Islands
  • Elmira Tadayon: Sherwood Anderson's "Grotesques": The Perversion of Character Through Cognitive Construction (English) and Intentional Propoganda in Colonial Captivity Narratives (History)
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen 
    • Advisor: Dr. Michaela Reaves
  • Ashley Szanter: Chaucer’s Parody of Literature’s Conventions of Courtly Love
    • Advisor: Dean Joan Griffin, Ph.D 
  • Judith Newlin: The Educational Value of Reading: A Cognitive Approach
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen 
  • Alexander Daley: A Search for Power: The Role of Female Ambition in Emma and To the Lighthouse
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen 
  • Robert Galletly: Focalization in Modern Films
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen  
  • Jenna Nakamura: Time Progression and Reader Investment in Autobiographies
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen 
  • Ashley Orozco: Chicana Poetry: One New Voice and Where It Stands
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen 
  • Caitlin Jensen: The Silenced Mind: The Feminine Voice and Its Importance to Cognitive Narration
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Carla De Lira: KaleidoscopeLA: Experiential Cartography of Urban Daily Life
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Genna Petoscia: Fifty Shades of Narrative
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
SCCUR 2011 at Mt. San Antonio College
  • Kevin Bowen: “Other Than Evil: The Relationship Between Man and Nature in Lord of the Flies”
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Melanie Cornejo: “Decontruction of Poetic Narrative”
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
  • Michelle Kane: "Intersecting Minds: Postmodern Narratives' Ironic Reliance on Cognitive Science and Narrative Structure to Achieve Deconstruction."
    • Advisor: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
SCCUR 2007 at CSU Los Angeles

“Hollow Imagery and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness”

Amy M. Lever

Advisor: Dr. Marja Mogk

“Aging and Duality: A Non-Modernist Interpretation of Prufrock”

Jessica Porter

Advisor: Dr. Marja Mogk

“Rogue Women in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Greek Knight: Grendel’s Mother and The Lady”

Megan M. Purdum

Advisor: Dr. Ariane Balizet

“The Culture of Dreams”

Kristine R. Richter

Advisor: Dr. Ariane Balizet

“Piety in Relation to Character in Medieval Literature”

Brigette H. Stevenson

Advisor: Dr. Ariane Balizet

1995 - 2005
SCCUR 2005 at UC Riverside

"The Real Hero in Milton's Paradise Lost"

Heather Stanger

Advisor: Dr. Nandra Perry

SCCUR 2001 at UCLA

Amy Fuess: "Wallace Stevens and the Construction of the New Stage"

Advisor: Professor Lyle Murley

SCCUR 2000 at CSU Long Beach

Meghan Johnson: "The People of God in America: Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards on the Saints"Advisor: Dr. Bruce Stevenson

SCCUR 1998 at Cal Poly Pomona

Mary Elizabeth Pfeiffer: "Whistler's Revival"
Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines

SCCUR 1996 at Occidental College

Chad VanAcker: "King Lear's Fool: Presenting a Palatable Truth"Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines
Jennifer Paulsen: "The Limiting of Potential Through Gender Rold Conditioning"
Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines

SCCUR 1995 at the Claremont Colleges

Robert Mangano and Angela Moller: "Women's Lives: Men's Fictions"Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines

Gwen Harrod and Deyanna Nesh: "Changing Perspectives of Advertising in American Literature"
Advisor: Dr. Joan Wines