Physics Department

College of Arts & Sciences

The physics major is a gateway to a wide range of exciting careers. Physicists work in large companies, startups and governement research labs working in areas such as optics, electronics, thermodynamics, nuclear, and solid-state physics. In addition, many physics majors go to graduate school in aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering or go directly to industry working in these fields. Physics majors also become teachers and enroll in medical and law school. The Cal Lutheran Physics Department provides rigorous training in a supportive atmosphere to help our students achieve their goals.


Students majoring or minoring in physics can choose from a range of advanced courses. See a list of our courses and the schedule for when they are offered. 


Research Opportunities

Students participate in physics research with their professors as well as at other institutions across the United States.



Discover what opportunities a physics major provides and view advising plans for a range of exciting careers.