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Pluriverse: News & Updates From the Religion Department

  • Seeing in Watercolor: Dr. Julia Fogg Finds Peace and Perspective in Painting
    Fri December 9, 2022

    Between research, teaching, and writing, Dr. Fogg, a veteran religion department professor and greyhound pup-lover, finds time to decompress and refocus through watercolor painting. She likens the process to meditation, to faith itself, requiring belief in her skills and the materials, as well as the vulnerability of reaching into the unknown. 

  • Event Recap: Coffee and Kahoot!
    Thu December 1, 2022

    Religion department majors and minors, as well as other CLU students, competed in a fun game of Kahoot based on humorous trivia about our professors and department assistants. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Fall semester event. Stay tuned for more exciting religion department events next semester. 

  • What Do You Do with a Religion Degree?
    Wed November 2, 2022

    Religion majors and minors (and professors) everywhere are used to answering the perennial question from well-meaning relatives and friends: What do you do with a religion degree? We interviewed two of our recent graduates about their current vocational pursuits, and how CLU prepared them for these vastly different, yet equally inspired paths. 

  • Dr. Thomas’ Devotion to Woodworking
    Thu October 13, 2022

    Religion department professor and co-chair, Dr. Samuel Thomas, is not only an expert in the origins of Judaism and Christianity in the ancient Mediterranean world, but he is also a master woodworker, crafting tables, chairs, and other unique wood creations in his very own studio, Wildbird Woodworks.

  • Why Religion?
    Thu October 6, 2022

    Many a first year, on their entry to Cal Lu, have wondered why in the world they have to take religion classes when they’re studying biology or business or music, etc.