Religion Department

College of Arts & Sciences

Student Research Grants

The Louis W. and Gladyce Foster Family Foundation Undergraduate Student Research in Religion

Undergraduate students who have declared a major or minor in the Religion Department can apply for a Foster Family Foundation grant of up to $500 to support research activities. Students may assist a faculty member with his or her existing research projects or propose a new topic directed and supported by a faculty member. Additional funding for student research-related costs can be obtained through the OURCS Small Grants Program for Undergraduate Students to Support Research and Creative Scholarship.

Student projects approved by the Religion Department are also eligible to receive a Foster Family Foundation Award for Excellence when the research is completed. Three student research projects in Religion (whether for credit or through extracurricular research) will be selected annually for a $1,000 award to be applied as credit/scholarship to tuition.

Application requirements include:

  • A proposal for guided research
  • A budget of anticipated research expenses
  • A plan for completion within a semester
  • A letter of recommendation by the professor who will be overseeing the research
  • Possible conference venues for presenting the final research

The Louis and Gladyce Foster Family Foundation is a family foundation established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

For more information, please contact Dr. Julia L. Fogg, chair of the Religion Department, at