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Theatre & Dance Department

College of Arts & Sciences

The Theatre & Dance Department at Cal Lutheran is dedicated to providing students with both artistic and scholastic foundations to prepare them for a prosperous life and career in the theatrical and multimedia fields.

We offer a series of fundamental and advanced courses in theatre along with numerous performance and technical opportunities in our highly regarded Mainstage, Blackbox, and film productions. Students participate in a yearly average of  four major productions, including classics, contemporary pieces, musicals, original films, improvisational theatre, and the student Blackbox series.

Upcoming Theatre Events

In keeping with the federal and state recommendations regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and the University's official policy, CLU Theatre Arts and Dance is cancelling all Spring Semester 2020 Theatre and Dance productions. If you have questions or concerns, address them to the Theatre Arts and Dance Administrative Assistant, Stacy Roberts stacyroberts@callutheran.edu or call 805-493-3452.