Theatre & Dance Department

College of Arts & Sciences

The Theatre & Dance Department at Cal Lutheran is dedicated to providing students with both artistic and scholastic foundations to prepare them for a prosperous life and career in the theatrical and multimedia fields.

We offer a series of fundamental and advanced courses in theatre along with numerous performance and technical opportunities in our highly regarded Mainstage, Blackbox, and film productions. Students participate in a yearly average of  four major productions, including classics, contemporary pieces, musicals, original films, improvisational theatre, and the student Blackbox series.

Upcoming Theatre Events

2019-2020 Productions

Spring 2020                                                                                                              

Student Cabaret - February 7th - 8th

Capstone 10 Minute Play Festival  - March 12th - 15th

5 x 15 (One Act Musicals) - April 16th - 26th

Moving Images - May 8th -9th