Past Events


Speaker & Distinguished Authors Series

Dan Tillapaugh, Associate Professor
  • Book Launch of College Men and Masculinities: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practices

The Autism & Communication Center
  • 3rd Spectrum of Opportunity Conference

Tim Shanahan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chi­cago
  • Workshop on strategies for supporting struggling readers

Faculty Research/Projects

Dan Tillapaugh, Associate Professor
  • How Gay Emerging Adults Make Meaning of Their Multiple Identities: A Longitudinal Study

Mel Spence, Assistant Professor
  • Bring Your Own Brain (BYOB): A Day to Hack Solutions for ASD


Speaker & Distinguished Authors Series

Z Nicolazzo, Assistant Professor in Higher Education Student Affairs, Northern Illinois University
  • Trans* Students and Higher Education

Cindy Jew, Professor
  • Book Launch of Culturally Proficient Inclusive Schools: All means All!

Faculty Research/Projects

Michele Dean, Lecturer & Director of Field Placements
  • Supporting Supervisors Through a Book Club Structure

Mel Spence, Assistant Professor
  • Bring Your Own Brain (BYOB): A Day to Hack Solutions for ASD

Edlyn Pena, Associate Professor
  • Department of Rehabilitation Partnership Project to Recruit, Screen, and Train Communication Partners for Students with Autism

Dan Tillapaugh, Assistant Professor
  • Comparative Study of Sexual Minority Males' Meaning-Making of their Multiple Social Identities


Speaker & Distinguished Authors Series

Institute for Executive Leadership in Education
  • Yearlong institute for upper K-12 administrators in Ventura County

Josie Ahlquist, International Leadership Speaker
  • Social Media and Digital Leadership

Steve Silberman, Author of NeuroTribes
The Autism & Communication Center
  • 2nd Spectrum of Opportunity Conference

Elizabeth Allen, Professor at University of Maine
  • Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying in Educational Settings

Film Presentation and Panel Discussion
  • Most Likely to Succeed

Trudy Arriaga, Distinguished Educator in Residence
  • Book launch of Opening Doors

Faculty Research/Projects

Maura Martindale, Associate Professor
  • Data Request from the California Department of Education

Edlyn Pena, Assistant Professor
  • Support for writing a book on autism

Maureen Lorimer, Associate Professor
  • Support for presenting her work on arts in teacher education


Speaker & Distinguished Authors Series

David Brobeck, Assistant Professor, Walsh University
  • A Meta Synthesis of Active Learning Pedagogies:  Giving Brain Power a Boost

Dave Harris, Author of “How to Lead a School without Selling Your Soul”
  • Leading Through Challenging Times

Karen Junker, Educator & Trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices in Education

The Autism & Communication Center, with keynote speakers: Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette
  • Inaugural Spectrum of Opportunity Conference

Dinners & Dialogue with Cary Dritz, Barbara Wagner, and Trudy Arriaga
  • Professional Development for Private School Leaders