Out-of-State Verification Requests

When applying for an out-of-state credential, you may be required to complete a form verifying your California credential recommendation.  Some states do not supply a form, but require that certain information be provided in a letter from the recommending institution.  

Applicants must complete their portion of the form before submitting it to the Credentials Office.  Original forms should be submitted to:

Graduate School of Education Credential Office
California Lutheran University
60 W. Olsen Road #4100
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360-2700

All requests for verification letters should be submitted to the above address or scanned as an attachment and e-mailed to credinfo@CalLutheran.edu. If the state to which you are applying does not provide a form, submit a copy of the actual instructions provided, or copy the text from the instructions. Blank forms and verbal verification requests are not acceptable.

Please include a note specifying when you completed a teacher preparation or school counseling program, and the name under which your records would be filed.

In the vast majority of cases, the information requested can be easily accessed.  It is sometimes more difficult to locate pre-1990 records, as these are on microfiche.  However, every effort will be made to provide the necessary information in the most timely manner possible.

Because receipt of verification forms and letters cannot be guaranteed, these documents will not be mailed directly to the requesting agency.  If direct mailing is requested by the agency, the form or letter will be sealed in a CLU envelope with "Verified Official" stamped clearly on the back.  This envelope will be addressed to the appropriate agency and mailed directly to the applicant in a larger envelope.  The applicant may then mail the form in the sealed envelope.