About CRLP

The mission of the California Reading & Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high quality, standards-based professional learning in reading and language instruction to help ensure that every California student PreK-12 achieves the highest standards of academic performance.

CRLP collaborates with partnership districts to support and sustain continuous improvement, including the implementation of State Boards adopted instructional materials.

CRLP Cal Lutheran serves schools and districts in Region 8, which includes Kern County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and Ventura County.

Our Offerings

On-Site English Language Support Institutes for Schools and Districts:

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California Subject Matter Projects

CRLP is part of an inter-segmental statewide professional learning network comprised of the nine disciplines required for university admission (UC and CSU) and graduation from high school. Together we form the University of California Subject Matter Projects (CSMP). The overarching goal of the CSMP is to raise student achievement by:

  • Deepening teacher content knowledge and expanding their teaching strategies aligned with California Content Standards and Frameworks
  • Supporting teachers in the effective use of newly adopted, standards-based instructional materials
  • Focusing on academic English language development to prepare all students to meet or exceed academic content standards in the subject areas
  • Creating a statewide pool of expert teacher leaders and university scholars to conduct project programs and to translate California's educational policies and priorities into sound classroom practices to improve student achievement in K - 12 classrooms
  • Linking universities, schools, and districts together in collaborative partnerships to improve teaching and learning with professional learning designed to meet district needs