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Results: Word Recognition & Fluency

Lundring Events Center and Ullman Conference Center

This CRLP Professional Learning Institute on the Common Core Foundational Skills focuses on “What” content students need to learn, “When” it needs to be covered within an overall scope and sequence, and “How” instruction might be approached within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). This training also emphasizes the “Why” behind the What, the When, and the How. CRLP is committed to teachers knowing the theory, research, and reasoning that informs their practice.

Fall 2019 RALLI Institute
Results: Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (RALLI)

Ullman Conference Center and Lundring Events Center

A CRLP professional learning institute, RALLI, provides teachers and administrators with the tools and skills necessary to analyze the academic and literacy demands of complex literary and informational text. RALLI supports the implementation of the Common Core State Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language in grades K-5.

CRLP Institute: SEBT Spanish English Biliteracy Transfer
An approach for teaching English reading foundational skills through coherent biliteracy transfer instruction (K-5)

Lundring Events Center

Join fellow teachers in a two-day institute to learn how to effectively promote Spanish to English biliteracy transfer!

CALL Institute Supporting the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy

Ventura County Office of Education

CALL offers middle and high school content teachers practical, research-based instructional routines that help students access and engage with a variety of complex text across content areas. The institute provides instructional routines that scaffold students’ comprehension of complex text and academic language development, making challenging text accessible, relevant, and comprehensible to all students, including English learners. The end goal is for students to independently comprehend complex texts across a range of types and disciplines in order to build strong content knowledge.

Exploring the California Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards

Lundring Events Center

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to understand the design and organization of California's new SLD standards and their relationship to the Common Core en Español and share ideas on how to use the new SLD standards for planning for Spanish learner instruction across content areas.

ADEPT K-8 Developmental English Proficiency Test

Lundring Events Center

ADEPT is an assessment tool for teachers to gain additional knowledge about their students' linguistic resources in English and thus plan instruction that supports their students' academic language development.

Engaging the English Learner in Designated & Integrated ELD (K-5)
Unpacking and Implementing California's English Language Development Standards

Ullman Conference Center 100/101