Work Opportunities

Work Study

The work-study program allows students to work in a variety of part-time capacities while building their resumes and time management skills.

Working while going to school offers you:

  • Pocket money
  • Flexibility with schedule
  • Improved time management
  • Job experience
  • Connections across campus

Find a job on campus

Residential Assistantships

Resident Assistantships are salaried positions for students. Selection is made through the Residence Life Office. Students who are Resident Assistants may not be Departmental Assistants or have another on-campus job through Federal or College Work-Study.

Resident assistant selection process

Graduate Assistantships

Each semester, a limited number of Assistantships are offered to qualified graduate students. The program provides valuable professional development experience. Applications are reviewed by the department for which the student would like to work.

Graduate program assistantship application

The maximum amount of tuition waiver that can be awarded is five credits per semester in exchange for the student's service in an academic area or administrative office. The student must be registered for at least one more credit per semester than the amount which will be waived under the Assistantship. Assistants are under direct and assigned supervision of regular faculty members or administrators.

Typical duties include educational research, editing educational materials, assisting in classroom or laboratory instruction, administrative responsibilities, assisting with the production of written reports or documents, and other appropriate assignments. Because of the time required to perform this service (40 hours for each credit awarded), students who are employed full time usually do not qualify for the award.

All Graduate Assistantship applicants must show proof of health insurance coverage or waive their rights to medical expense claims prior to formally being offered an Assistantship position. Students must submit a Health Insurance Clearance Form to the hiring supervisor and proof of health insurance if they have existing coverage. Students have the option to purchase health insurance from Cal Lutheran at the Business Services Office.

The following students are not eligible to receive Graduate Assistantship credits:

  • Cal Lutheran staff members who are eligible to receive Tuition Remission.

Students who have been awarded a Graduate Academic Scholarship during the same semester as the Graduate Assistantship. [Students cannot have a Graduate Assistantship and a Graduate Academic Scholarship for the same term.]