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Global Engagement Fund

The Center for Global Engagement at California Lutheran University develops opportunities that transform students into leaders for a global society. 

The Global Engagement Fund serves as a resource to international and domestic students alike. In times of crisis, the fund can offset some of the challenges impacting the outbound/inbound community. And in normal times, the Global Engagement Fund can help students pursuing global engagement opportunities to fulfill their dreams. 

Your generous gift the the Global Engagement Fund ensures access and                 expansion of the international opportunities now and for decades to come.

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We are committed to supporting our students’ global learning through three pillars of engagement: education abroad, international connections, and experiential learning. 
Ed Abroad
Education Abroad

The education abroad efforts allow our students to engage in the world through study abroad experiences, internships, research, service learning, and overseas co-curricular programs. Students can study in nearly every country on the globe. We pride ourselves in expanding access for underrepresented students and in offering scholarship funds to help students dreams become a reality. 

Since 2016, we have awarded over $250,000 in scholarship funds to students pursuing an education abroad.

International Connections

Through international connections CGE ensures that every student at Cal Lutheran has a direct opportunity to engage with and learn from someone from a different culture. We bring the world to California Lutheran University by celebrating our international student community, representing 40-plus countries and six continents; hosting international visiting scholars; and supporting internationally focused academic content, such as lectures, workshops, and courses.

Experiential Learning
Our third pillar is experiential learning. The Center for Global Engagement is committed to increasing first-hand experiences to bring US domestic and international students together. The Center hosts a residential-based living-learning program, the Global Leaders Community, which provides high impact programming to its residents. We provide cultural programming such as the International Education Week celebration, International Women's Day, the World Fair, and more!