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Travel Registry

Travel Approval

Before you proceed with your trip registration, please follow your college, school, or department's internal processes for trip approval.

Travel Registration

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California Lutheran University is committed to ensuring the safety of faculty, staff and students. As such, the university has implemented a campus-wide risk management system which provides support to employees when traveling for institutional-related matters both domestically and internationally. The Travel Registry allows individuals and groups traveling for institutional-related purposes to register their trip(s) through the system. The system serves as a streamlined hub that hosts trip itineraries, liability waivers, contact information and destination-based risk assessment.

The Travel Registry system also includes AlertTraveler®, an app that provides the traveler with (1) country and city intelligence to help you make informed decisions while traveling, (2) safety and security alerts to let you know of any events that could potentially impact your travel or safety, and (3) an instant check-in option allowing you to report your status back to Cal Lu administrators in case of an incident.

During Traditional Travel, all faculty and staff traveling beyond 25 miles of their home campus with students or traveling internationally on a university-sponsored trip should register their trip through the Travel Registry System. Students should register their trip any time they travel 25 miles or beyond their home campus.

Any travel during times of Travel Moratorium or Essential Travel will need special approval. Refer to the Cal Lutheran Travel Policy and visit the Travel Petition webpage for more information. Only approved trips will be allowed to register.

For travel within 200 miles, it is the responsibility of the each unit/division/department to monitor the travel. A high-risk waiver should be signed & filed for all travelers during moratorium and essential status. 
Additionally, a domestic waiver should be signed and filed for all students.  

During essential status, all trips beyond 200 miles should be registered in the Travel Registry system.

Trips within the 200 mile radius that meet the below criteria must also register in the system:
(1) out of state
(2) by boat or air
(3) overnight accommodation

If your trip involves students as part of an authorized Cal Lutheran student club or organization, please be sure to contact Student Life at clubs_orgs@CalLutheran.edu. They may require additional forms for student participants.

If you have any questions or issues using the Travel Registry system please email travelreview@CalLutheran.edu.


 First-Time User Profile Set-Up


Registering a Trip

All travelers need to register their travel plans in advance: 10 days and 1-month prior for domestic and international travel, respectively.

There are two main ways to register a trip in the Travel Registry— by forwarding trip itineraries to travel@CalLutheran.edu or manually adding a new trip. 

AlertTraveler® App