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Travel Insurance

EIIA Travel Insurance

Anyone* traveling internationally on California Lutheran University-sponsored travel is automatically covered by the EIIA International Travel Program. The EIIA Program is supplemental coverage and is not intended to replace the traveler's primary insurance coverage. Please visit www.eiia.org/internationaltravel for full coverage information.

The EIIA plan provides:

  • Broad emergency medical insurance coverage for the traveler, their spouse, children, and other dependents
  • Unlimited personal sojourn coverage
  • Limited trip cancellation/interruption coverage
  • Assistance in obtaining special medical services/supplies (e.g. a wheelchair; oxygen tank)
  • Assistance in evacuation services
  • Assistance in filling a prescription & forwarding medical records to a local doctor or hospital
  • Assistance in finding local medical providers
  • Assistance in providing translation services via telephone
  • Assistance in replacing lost credit card, passport, and other essential documentation
  • If the traveler is using a passport for the destination country, then international coverage does not apply. 
  • If the traveler is participating on a program in the United States, they must use their primary health insurance plan. 
  • International students should reach out to the Office of International Students and Scholars for questions regarding their student insurance.

EIIA Direct Contact

Toll free in the US or Canada: 1-833-209-7075
Collect Outside of the US:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?
    No separate registration is needed. If you are a faculty or staff member, student, alumni, or volunteer of a member institution, you’re automatically covered when traveling on institution-sponsored trips.
  2. How do I secure documentation of my insurance policy for myself, visa application, and other purposes?
    You can contact EIIA directly at eiia@healix.com for copies of your insurance documentation.
  3. What type of services are covered?
    Broad emergency services are covered. This does not include routine services such as dental check-ups. View the EIIA International Program FAQs for coverage details.
  4. Can I travel with prescription medicine? 
    Each country legislates pharmaceuticals differently. Even if your doctor has prescribed a medication, it does not necessarily mean your host country will allow you to enter with it. Please always check the local laws before traveling. EIIA can assist in determining which medicines may travel with you.
  5. I need to visit a doctor abroad. What is the first step? 
    If this is a life-threatening medical emergency, please seek immediate assistance from the nearest medical provider. For all other services, contact EIIA before seeking treatment. They will direct you to the nearest medical facility that is covered within the insurance plan. If you decide to seek medical services that are not advised or covered by EIIA, there may be non-reimbursable expenses.
  6. Will I be covered if I need to visit a doctor outside of my host city/country?
    Yes. The supplemental insurance plan will cover you if you are traveling outside of your host city/country and need medical treatment. 
  7. I plan on traveling independently after my study away program. Am I still covered?
    Yes. In fact, our built-in unlimited personal sojourn coverage means you can arrive early or stay on for as long as you’d like before or after the institution-sponsored event. Either way, you retain your full coverage, with just a few exceptions outlined in the policy. You’re even covered if you travel to other countries while on a personal sojourn.