Our initiatives support historically marginalized students.

ASCENSO Hispanic Fellowship


ASCENSO stands for Access, Success, Community, Equity, Network-building, Support and Opportunity. The Hispanic Fellowship program promotes the growth of advocacy, support, and awareness of social justice issues impacting Hispanic communities in Ventura County.

Through this program students serve as advocates for the Hispanic community by reaching out to representatives from County agencies and departments to research different services and policies and their impact on the Hispanic community. Students also raise awareness of important issues and directly influence systemic change. 

This program was funded by the Amgen Foundation. 


  1. Aid in the growth of awareness around persistent issues perpetuating inequities for Hispanic students, families, and communities. 
  2. Explore tangible solutions through research and communication with the community, community leaders, and mentors.
  3. Increase student communication, advocacy, and leadership skills, while helping strengthen the understanding and cooperation needed to build an equitable society for all, with an emphasis on justice for Hispanic people.

ASCENSO Hispanic Scholar Benefits

  • $5,000 Fellowship Award 
  • Professional Mentorship
  • Engagement with Community Leaders

Projects Cohort 2023

  1. What are the Health Inequalities that 3rd age Latinx face in Ventura County - Alejandro Loza
  2. LatinX high school dropouts in Ventura County: How this issue comes to fruition, and its impacts on healthcare later on in life - Elizabeth Arias
  3. Necesitan más que pláticas: “What Ventura County High Schools can do to help Latinx Pupils Materialize their post-secondary goals” - Janessa Garcia
  4. The Learning Curve: An Investigation of Healthcare Access to Latino Community College Students in Ventura County - Kassandra Barragan

How to Apply

  1. Complete an application form

  2. Attach your statement of purpose
  3. Attach your list of professional/academic references or request an interview over Zoom

  4. Upload transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)


Acceptance Criteria

  1. The student’s motivation to become an ASCENSO Hispanic Scholar is in alignment with the purpose of the program (statement of purpose).
  2. Applicant expresses competence to carry out research (academic achievement, educational background, experience).
  3. Professional references strongly support the student’s capacity and interest to achieve the goals of the ASCENSO Hispanic Fellowship Program.
  4. The essay is free from distracting errors.

Contact Information

Email us at ascenso@CalLutheran.edu