Collaborative for Hispanics in Higher Education & Student Success

Project CHESS Student Community

Some college support resources end after your first year in college.

Project CHESS extends that support through our peer mentorship program that connects minoritzed men entering their sophomore year at Moorpark College with rising juniors and seniors at Cal Lutheran.

The program begins with a 3-day residential Leadership Retreat that includes workshops on leadership, resilience, academic mindset, social and cultural capital, and career development.

Career planning activities continue throughout the year while mentors and mentees keep in touch through monthly in person meetings, discord, and other communication platforms. 

Program Activities:
Men's Initiative Summer Leadership Retreat
Three (3) day summer residential leadership retreat to kick-off the school year. Mentors and mentees will come together as hermanos (brothers). Activities and workshops focus on leadership in action, supporting resilience, academic growth mindset, building social and cultural capital, community engagement, and career development.
Men's Initiative Seminar for Cal Lutheran Students
This is 0 credit discussion based seminar takes place during fall and spring semesters. Course activities include short readings, viewing videos/Ted Talks, listening to podcasts, and other engaging material that encourages discussions around historical and contemporary issues men of color navigate within society and higher education.