Project CHESS

Collaborative for Hispanics in Higher Education & Student Success

For Students

Go beyond the first-year college experience with one-on-one peer

Some college support resources end after the first-year experience. CHESS will extend that support through peer mentorship that partners minoritzed men entering their sophomore year at Moorpark College with rising juniors and seniors at Cal Lutheran.

The program begins with a 3-day residential Leadership Retreat that includes workshops on leadership, resilience, academic mindset, social and cultural capital, and career development.

Career planning activities continue through the year and the mentors and mentees keep in touch through monthly in person meetings and weekly mobile mentorship application communication.

Program Activities:
-Men's Summer Leadership Retreat
Three (3) day summer residential leadership retreat to kick-off the school year. Mentors and mentees will come together as hermanos (brothers). Activities and workshops focus on leadership in action, supporting resilience, academic growth mindset, building social and cultural capital, community engagement, and career development.
UNIV 2ST-CHESS Men's Initiative Seminar (for Cal Lutheran students)
-This is a 0 credit discussion based seminar that takes place fall and spring semesters. Course activities include short readings, viewing videos/Ted Talks, listening to podcasts, and other engaging material that invokes discussion of historical and contemporary issues men of color navigate in society and higher education. 
-Monthly meet up events that bring together mentors and mentees from Cal Lutheran and Moorpark College.
-Communicate weekly with peer mentors, mentees, and coaches using a specially developed mobile mentoring app.




Moorpark Students

Partner with an upperclassman from Cal Lutheran to navigate your sophomore year of college and the transition to a 4-year university.

Who qualifies?

This program is open to historically marginalized men who are students at Moorpark College and entering their sophomore year.

Benefits of Participating

  • Become part of a community
  • Get to know peers at Moorpark and Cal Lutheran who share your cultural, racial, and social experiences
  • Participate in workshops to build leadership and tools to help you succeed
  • Take advantage of career planning resources
  • Continue to grow your academic skills with a senior mentor

Get a Peer Mentor

To get a mentor, please contact Eddie Beltran, Ed.D, Program Manager at Moorpark College, at (805) 378-1428 or email.

Cal Lutheran Students

Provide mentorship to minoritized men in their second year at Moorpark College to help them further their succees. Be a role model, coach, and a friend.

Who qualifies?

This program is opened to historically marginalized men who are students at Cal Lutheran and entering their junior or senior year.

Benefits of Participating

  • Put your leadership skills into practice
  • Be a part of the community
  • Expand your network
  • Learn about yourself while supporting others

Be a Peer Mentor or Faculty Coach

To become a mentor or faculty coach, please contact Menyon Abraham-Scott, Program Coordinator, at (805) 493-3792 or email.